Gamaken (ガマケン, Gamaken) is one of the three most powerful great toad-warriors of Mount Myōboku in the manga Naruto Shippuden.


Gamaken is a huge toad, rivaling Gamabunta in size, magenta in color with black markings on his face, arms and legs as well as bumps above his eyes. He wears a black kimono complemented by three white ribbons, one of which he wears around his waist, while the other two cross diagonally across his back, holding on to his arms. His equipment consists of a black sasumata with spikes and a beige shield similar to a sakazuki.



Gamaken holds himself in very low esteem, constantly remarking that he is clumsy. Despite this he always strives to do his best in battle. His nickname “Ken-san” (ケンさん) gives him a sense of reliability as someone who will definitely be there for a timely rescue when one is in a desperate situation.



Gamaken is a proficient melee combatant, wielding his sasumata with great mastery. His skill allowed him to stand up to the Cancerbero by himself even after it split, showing himself capable of dealing with several opponents at once. His dexterity and agility proved remarkable as he was able to traverse Pain’s tower while facing the Cancerbero.

He has surprising speed, managing to react to the Piercing Beak Bird’s attack in time to defend himself. Moreover, it withstood the impact of the attack and a huge fall, showing considerable endurance. It can reach a great height in a single jump in addition to having been able to finish off Pain’s rhinoceros with one blow. In the anime, he can produce a powerful explosion from his sasumata, increasing his damage capacity.


Part. Two

Jiraiya summoned Gamaken to assist him in his battle against Pain. Deciding that he had to get serious from the start, Jiraiya opted to use Sage Mode, so he asked him to buy him time as he prepared to summon the Two Great Sage Toads. In that period, Gamaken faced the Cancerberus and the Giant Piercing Beak Giant Bird. Despite the hardships he went through he managed to hold out long enough. When he was ready, Jiraiya told him to leave and from then on he would take over. Gamaken obeyed his order and disappeared, though not before apologizing.

Pain’s Assault

Gamaken was summoned along with Naruto, Gamakichi, Fukasaku, Gamahiro and Gamabunta to confront Pain. After the Animal Path summoned a Giant Rhinoceros, the Cancerberus and a Giant Ox and Naruto threw them into the air Gamaken, along with Gamabunta and Gamahiro, jumped in to give them the coup de grace, with Gamaken finishing off the rhinoceros.

Despite lying underneath Gamabunta, the Cancerber was able to break free and proceeded to attack Gamaken and Gamahiro, forcing them to engage him until he finally disappeared as a result of Naruto finishing off the Animal Path. After the Deva Path repelled Naruto Gamaken and his companions attempted to attack him, only to end up being sent flying away by the enemy’s technique.

Fun Facts

In the anime, Gamaken operates a tavern on Mount Myōboku to which other toads such as Gamabunta, and even Katsuyu, frequently go.


  • To Jiraiya) “Though I’m pretty weak, I’ll try my best.
  • I guess I really am… just… clumsy.
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